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IGNIS HK is a student-led organization that seeks to alleviate income inequality
in Hong Kong through promoting educational equity.
By providing tuition-free educational programs to underprivileged students,
we offer a supportive hand in the journey of achieving upward social mobility.


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OUr Story

At IGNIS HK, we work together to bring a personalized experience to each and every student, giving strong emphasis to a low mentor-to-mentee ratios, seeing that small class sizes have been proven to close the “achievement gap” between privileged and less privileged students. We aspire to provide each student with as much individual attention as possible, and work one-on-one with students throughout programs and beyond to help them achieve their academic goals. 

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"The mentors are not that [much] older than me, but they are so different from the people surround[ing] me. They held workshops and conferences. They introduced the participants to MUN and to what is happening in the world. They shared the experiences they had in previous conferences. That really opened up my mind..."

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